Leveraging the NODE.move skill, NODE.execute extends its capabilities by adding functionality that allows robots to autonomously execute complete transportation tasks such as pick-up, drop-off, and load-up.

We developed NODE.execute based on the new VDA5050 standard, which enables seamless communication between the robot and the task assignment system, allowing efficient task execution and real-time execution status feedback.

Moreover, our NODE.execute skill also includes an SDK, allowing customers to create and integrate their custom actions, such as specialized docking maneuvers, into their transport tasks. With our SDK, customers can customize their robots' actions to fit their specific application needs, empowering them to leverage the full potential of our autonomous robot stack.

Advantages of NODE.execute

USP #1

Execute previously unknown tasks – Empowers robots to execute arbitrary tasks received at runtime, even if they have never encountered them before.

USP #2

VDA5050 compatibility – Makes the robot fully compliant with the VDA5050 standard.

USP #3

Build your own custom actions – Easy way of integrating custom action and docking maneuvers.

Reference projects