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Witepaper: 3D Lidar OdometryWitepaper: 3D Lidar Odometry
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Whitepaper: 3D Lidar Odometry

This paper explores how integrating additional sensors like cameras and LiDAR, along with transitioning from two-dimensional to three-dimensional odometry, can reduce the drift accumulated by wheel encoders and IMUs.

Whitepaper SLAMWhitepaper SLAM
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Whitepaper: SLAM

SLAM enables robots to autonomously understand and navigate their environments by simultaneously mapping the surroundings and determining their own position within that map. But why is it important for mobile robots?

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Whitepaper: ROS for Mobile Robots

Incorporating new mobile robot systems can be complex and costly. To simplify and reduce barriers, many robots are turning to ROS. But what is ROS and why is it gaining traction in mobile robotics? Read more in this whitepaper.

Whitepaper AutonomyWhitepaper Autonomy
| Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Autonomy

The use of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) has become a hot topic of discussion regarding their definition, usefulness, and application. So, what's behind this debate? Read more in this whitepaper.


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Equip your mobile robots (AGVs/AMRs) with NODE.OS, a modular, fully customizable software suite for advanced autonomy and fleet management. Read more in this one-pager.

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Explore NODE.localize, an easy-to-use, high-performance robot autonomy skill for precise localization and mapping. Get more information in this one-pager.

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Explore for optimized fleet transport task planning. Gain insights for more efficiency in your mobile robot fleet. Get our one-pager for more details.

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Find out about NODE.execute's autonomous task execution for robotics that includes pick-up, go-to, drop-off, and more. Learn the details in this one-pager.

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Discover how NODE.maps streamlines map uploads and editing, ensuring fleet-wide synchronization. Get our one-pager for more details.

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Learn more about NODE.flow's hybrid traffic coordination for seamless robot fleet management. Optimize routes and processes. Get our one-pager for more details.

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Explore for streamlined transport task dispatching. Gain insights for enhanced efficiency. Receive our one-pager for more details.

| One-Pager & NODE.simulation

Discover and NODE.simulation for improved fleet monitoring and fleet optimization. Take a look at this detailed one-pager.