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NODE Team picture Spring 2023

Our team's motivation

Love for Robots.

Interesting problems to solve with competent colleagues with a modern tech stack, little to no bullshit work.

Constant feeling of professional respect and politeness from the colleagues.

Thrilled to see how the company grows with my own impact.

Horizontal management hierarchy. Team leaders are always attentive to the feedback of employees. Culture of openness, professional integrity and help.

For me, the big advantages are the flexible working hours and the possibility to work partially remotely.

I enjoy seeing how individual ideas are incorporated into projects and how they are appreciated.

I like our team a lot: We are very international and there is so much to learn from my high-class software developer colleagues.

If you want to, you learn something every day and are nudged to always improve.

Team is amazing! Although everybody is super busy, if you need help, you get help.

Our commitment to applicants


We value your time, so you'll always get a response from us.


You'll meet all your key future colleagues during the process, so you know who you will be working with.


Our process consists of in-person suitability interviews, coding challenges, and deep-dive interviews, and is tailored to your schedule.

The way we have grown since our foundation

>1250 applications since foundation

<10 days Average response time after receipt of application

<2% Hiring rate

>10 nationalities

30 heads in total

That’s us!

NODE was founded in 2020 in Stuttgart as a Fraunhofer IPA spinoff with a hand-picked team of robotics specialists.

We grew the team to currently 30 heads from more than 10 different nationalities with the guidance of 4 core values that we commit to:

  • Collaborative Improvement:

      As a team, our goal is to constantly improve and grow. One way we achieve this is by placing a high value on feedback and knowledge sharing. We believe that through these practices, we can learn from one another and ultimately become better as a team. This belief is reflected in our use of formats such as code review sessions and development recaps, which allow us to share our insights and experiences with one another.

  • Learning Experts:

      As a team of robotics enthusiasts, we strive for daily improvement in order to maintain the edge we inherited from Fraunhofer IPA, which is Europe's leading powerhouse in robotics. Our goal is to build upon our inherited legacy and push the boundaries of robotics technology even further. With our passion and dedication to this field, we believe that we can make significant advancements and contribute to the evolution of the robotics industry.

  • Customer Empathy:

      Our goal is to revolutionize the use of mobile robots in the industry. To achieve this, we adopt a customer-centric approach that emphasizes building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. By doing so, we are able to gain insight into their needs and preferences, which allows us to integrate their feedback directly into the development of our products. Ultimately, this approach ensures that our solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers, thereby enabling us to deliver superior value and achieve long-term success.

  • Output Excellence:

      As a startup, we are able to capitalize on our major benefits of speed and agility. Our team embodies a culture where every single member takes full responsibility for their impact, allowing us to gain traction on a daily basis. This combination of speed, agility, and accountability is what sets us apart and allows us to thrive in the competitive startup landscape.

We don’t do fully remote, since we believe in the benefit of personal interaction. Therefore, we work in a “static hybrid” model, so teams work from the office on the same days.  

Still, we believe that flexibility creates creativity, so there are no such things as core work times or general office days. 

Our office in Stuttgart is in ARENA2036, forming the innovation platform for cooperation between science and industry with a focus on the future of production. We use ARENA as an open coworking space as well as a test environment for our growing fleet of robots.