Our NODE.jobs service is designed for efficient dispatching and processing of transport tasks. Our technology can seamlessly integrate with any ERP system or WMS to receive transport tasks and process them in real-time.

When a new task is pushed into the order queue, NODE.jobs dynamically assigns it to the optimal robot based on various criteria, such as form factor, location, and estimated execution time. This ensures that tasks are assigned to the most suitable robot for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, NODE.jobs provides a low-code/visual editor that enables the creation of custom task flows, allowing for the generation of more complex and sophisticated fleet behaviors.

Advantages of NODE.jobs

USP #1

Ease of integration – Easily connects to any kind of ERP/WMS

USP #2

Increased throughput – through dynamic and optimal task assignment.

USP #3

Ease of customization – a low-code/visual editor allows to specify custom task flows.