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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have questions about NODE Robotics or our mobile robotics solutions?

We have answers.

General questions:

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  • How well has your software proven itself in real-world settings?

      Although we are a young, emerging company, we have already been able to attract a wide range of companies to our software solutions. There are currently more than 700 active robots using our software solution in a variety of environments.


  • Can I integrate your software solution system into any type of vehicle?

      Yes, our solution is compatible with all types of mobile robots and different kinematics, including tricycle, differential and omnidirectional robots.


  • What are your hardware and software requirements?

      All NODE Robotic software solutions are hardware-agnostic. All we need is an industrial PC and LiDAR safety scanners, which are usually already present in modern mobile robots. If these elements are present, no changes need to be made to the existing vehicle.


  • How can I test NODE software solutions?

      As part of an Experience Package, you have the opportunity to test our solution on your own mobile robot. During the entire testing phase, we support you in integrating our test license into your mobile robot. Depending on whether your solution already supports ROS, you can start the first tests within just one day.


Questions about localization:

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Questions about navigation:

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  • How do you set up your navigation solution?

      We work with a zone-based approach, where you can add different zones within the initial map you created during the mapping process. All you have to do is select the points of interest that you want your robots will navigate to. Based on these POIs, robots will autonomously calculate the optimal route.


  • Does the NODE navigation solution include dynamic obstacle avoidance capabilities?

      Yes, our navigation solution NODE.move enables mobile robots to dynamically navigate around obstacles by considering factors such as the kinematics, size and safety fields of the mobile robot.