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image brand NODE-move

Realize the next level of intralogistics autonomy with relative positioning, precise docking and advanced A-to-B navigation for mobile robots.


The advanced autonomous navigation skill NODE.move equips robots with A-to-B navigation, as well as relative positioning and docking capabilities. 

Our skill set includes route and path planners that compute optimal paths and motion commands for the robot in real-time, accounting for the robot's kinematic constraints, and real-time environmental information in 2D and 3D. This allows the robot to navigate dynamically and safely through complex environments, as well as position precisely for handover loads or other tasks. 

With our adjustable autonomy approach, you can easily configure the desired behavior between free navigation and virtual path planning. 


Advantages of NODE.move

USP #1

Easy setup: Easy & fast environment configuration by teaching navigation zones and points of interest via our user-friendly web-interface.

USP #2

Adjustable behavior & autonomy: A high-degree of configurability allows parametrizing the desired navigation behavior and right-level of autonomy.

USP #3

Safety-aware dynamic navigation: Our path planners connect to the safety layer, enabling safety-field optimal paths and motion commands.