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Experience powerful testing and optimization of your intralogistics with our robot simulation software for AMR and AGV fleets.



NODE.simulation - The perfect solution to test and optimize your mobile robots.

Our simulation software allows you to simulate scenarios and processes to optimize the performance of your robots. Test different configurations and scenarios to find the best solution for your needs. Our software for simulation is user-friendly and offers a comprehensive set of features to help you improve the performance of your mobile robots and increase the efficiency of your processes.

Try NODE.simulation today and discover how it can help you optimize your mobile robotics.

Advantages of NODE.simulation

USP #1

Reduced on-site commissioning times – Our simulation service enables configuration and testing of a new fleet in an efficient simulation environment, efforts and costs for commissioning on-site.

USP #2

Efficient and non-invasive fleet optimization - NODE.simulation allows you to test different configurations and layout changes to tune the performance of the fleets before applying it to the real world.

USP #3

Easy set up via user user-friendly interface - Our simulation software is easy to use and offers an intuitive user interface for quickly and easily creating scenarios and simulating mobile robot fleets. 

Not enough? Check out our other solutions

The NODE Robot Autonomy Skills are a collection of skills and functions that can be used to make your mobile robots smarter and more autonomous. Our skills include navigation, object recognition, path planning, obstacle avoidance, mapping, and more.

NODE Robot Autonomy Skills

Illustration showing the conceptual application of NODE Robot Autonomy Skills in a production environment.