The Autonomy OS
for Mobile Robots

NODE.OS is a powerful software suite that upgrades your mobile robots and fleets with cutting-edge, industrial-grade software solutions. It includes robot level autonomy skills for localization and navigation, as well as a set of fleet management and coordination services that enable seamless and autonomous operation of the whole fleet.

NODE.OS's high degree of modularity and configurability allows you to choose the right modules that meet your needs. Combined with a high degree of hardware-, sensor, and application agnosticism, NODE.OS becomes a one-stop solution for all your robots and applications.

Plug and Play

Thanks to the efficient system architecture and intuitive user interface, effort for setup and usage of NODE.OS are reduced to a minimum. You save valuable time and resources with quick and hassle-free installation, maintenance and operation. NODE.OS is designed to help you achieve increased productivity in your robotics operations.

High Modularity

The highly modular design of the new NODE.OS allows you to easily configure your robotics applications for different use cases. This provides a comprehensive and customizable solution for all your needs. As a result, you can achieve greater flexibility and efficiency in your operations.

Proven Reliability

The new NODE.OS offers a high level of autonomy that is fully customizable to your needs, ensuring reliable and user-friendly performance even in demanding intralogistics environments. With our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, you can trust our software to deliver consistent and reliable results.

Zero Hardware Modifications

Save time and money with seamless integration that eliminates the need for hardware changes. NODE.OS is designed to work seamlessly with your existing hardware devices and sensor setups, allowing for easy installation and setup.


Explore our cooperations with various organizations and companies.

Our collaborations have led to innovative solutions, increased productivity and strengthened relationships within
the industry. Browse through our portfolio
and see the results of our teamwork.

BMW Group

Since 2017, Fraunhofer IPA has been supporting the BMW Group in the largest automation project in the company's history with a navigation solution. As of today, several hundred AMR with NODE navigation are in productive operation in various BMW plants. In close cooperation with the BMW Group and other project partners, NODE.move was optimally adapted to the requirements of automotive production and its use on the AMR.


The technological forerunner of the autonomous navigation software solution was successfully deployed in automotive production with BÄR Automation back in 2015. 23 vehicles of the company BÄR Automation have been running since then with an industry-standard availability in the passenger car final assembly in single-shift operation. Since then, NODE.move has been continuously developed technologically while maintaining the availability requirements.


In October 2022 we announced our development partnership with IDEALworks. After the successful integration of our navigation solution NODE.move into idealworks' AMR iw.hub, both companies decided to expand their partnership in the future to jointly develop an integrated bundle of new services for idealworks' holistic robotics ecosystem.

4am Robotics

4am Robotics - the AMR brand of Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH and Mojin Robotics GmbH - has been equipping its own portfolio of autonomous forklifts, tugger trains and mobile platform cobots with NODE.move robot navigation since summer 2022. With the help of our software, 4am can set up new applications in a matter of hours instead of days, while reducing the complexity of its extensive portfolio.


In the summer of 2022, we were able to win TUGBOT as a customer. TUGBOT fills a gap in our AMR portfolio, as we did not have a robot that could pull shopping carts. This was an important step on the way to offering an AMR portfolio for any kind of transport task. The TUGBOT will be used in intralogistics, manufacturing, hospitality and commercial applications.

Bottobo Robotics

Bottobo Robotics, a Turkish based Start-up, provides collaborative AMRs. Founded in 2019, their aim is to revolutionize and democratize the autonomous mobile robot industry by offering AMRs that work seamlessly with human workers. Their first product, Pixer, a Person 2 Good Piece Picking AMR, helps organizations boost warehouse picking operations and increase productivity by up to 4x.