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At NODE Robotics, we have made it our mission to overcome the limitations of current solutions for mobile robotics. Our focus is on providing highly reliable, flexible and user-friendly AGV and AMR software solutions that unlock the true potential of mobile robots.

We understand that deploying and working with collaborative mobile robots should be effortless, which is why we prioritize intuitive and easy-to-implement tools. By emphasizing flexibility, usability, and interoperability, we aim to make mobile robotics technology accessible and practical for a wide range of industries and applications.

Whether it's automating tasks in manufacturing or optimizing logistics operations, our solutions empower businesses to leverage the full potential of mobile robots.

Team photo of the NODE team in spring 2023

We make mobile robots easy to use.

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How we perform

Michael SchneiderCEO, idealworks

Our longstanding partnership with Stefan and his team at NODE traces back to his tenure at Fraunhofer IPA. Through the synergy of our collective expertise, we have full confidence in the immense potential our collaboration holds for driving future advancements within the idealworks robotics ecosystem approach.

Janez CimermanProduct Owner, Airnamics

Congratulations to your software – I’ve been working on AMRs and Navigation SW for quite a while and I’ve never seen anything comparable that worked out of the box like your solution.

Fernando FreitasCEO Tugbot

NODE has all the desired features we were looking for – combining spectacular performance and repeatability with an easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy interface.

Turgut UlutürkCEO Bottobo

We tested a handful of other SW solutions previous to yours, nothing worked for us. With your solution, we finally found what we needed. The SW but also the speed of delivering it is really impressive. You guys should be really proud of that.

Production & Logistics Project EngineerGlobal Automotive OEM

Your team did a fantastic job, they were transparent with the installation process and very nice to work with.

Head of Automation Supply ChainAutomotive Supplier from Germany

Everything was planned well and implemented in high speed.

Chief Software DeveloperMobile Robotics Company

Amazed to see the system being setup from scratch in such a short time.

Stéphane SandnerCEO, SHERPA Mobile Robotics

From our initial discussions to the delivery of our inaugural joint project, we've been profoundly impressed by the efficiency and transparency of our collaboration with NODE Robotics.

At the forefront of technology

Using cloud robotics, machine learning, and autonomous driving capabilities keeps us at the forefront of technology.

High Modularity and Interoperability

Our software architecture is highly modular, giving you the freedom to choose the exact modules you need. You can build your own solution by combining our robot skills and fleet services with yours. In addition, our autonomy Robot skills and Fleet Services are compatible with the common standardized interfaces such as VDA5050.

Proven reliability

The reliability of our solutions has been demonstrated on hundreds of mobile robots in highly dynamic and large-scale layouts, both in industrial and warehouse environments.

Hardware agnostic solution

Our solution requires no additional hardware. We utilize the existing sensors and IPC without needing a box or extra cameras. Because we are ROSbased, adding new sensors and drive systems is simple to do yourself.


We prioritize understanding our partners' needs. We consistently improve our solutions and develop new features based on their feedback to meet their changing requirements.

Plug and Play

Our Autonomy robot skills and fleet services, combined with our easy-to-use UI, significantly reduce the time required to commission mobile robots. Additionally, our plug-and-play software approach empowers end-users to perform changes and optimizations on their own.


Explore our partnerships with various organizations and companies. Our partnerships have led to innovative solutions, increased productivity and strengthened relationships within the industry. Browse through our portfolio and see the results of our teamwork.

Since 2017, the NODE team (back then as part of Fraunhofer IPA) has been supporting the BMW Group in the largest automation project in the company's history with an autonomous navigation solution for the Smart Transport Robot. As of today, several hundred AMR with NODE navigation are in productive operation in various BMW plants. In close cooperation with the BMW Group and other project partners, NODE.move was optimally adapted to the requirements of automotive production and its use on the AMR.

NODE Robotics and SHERPA Mobile Robotics (SMR) have joined forces since 2023, integrating NODE's advanced localization, navigation, and fleet management modules with SMR's innovative autonomous mobile robots. This collaboration aims to redefine efficiency and user experience in mobile robotics, targeting enhanced productivity in manufacturing and logistics.

The technological forerunner of the autonomous navigation solution software NODE.move was successfully deployed in automotive production with BÄR Automation back in 2015. 23 AGVs of BÄR Automation have been running since then, with an industry-standard availability in the passenger car final assembly in double-shift operation. Since then, NODE.move has been continuously developed technologically while maintaining the availability requirements.

In October 2022 we announced our development partnership with idealworks. After the successful integration of our navigation solution NODE.move into idealworks' AMR iw.hub, both companies decided to expand their partnership in the future to jointly develop an integrated bundle of new services for idealworks' holistic robotics ecosystem.

4am Robotics - the AMR brand of Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH and Mojin Robotics GmbH - has been equipping its own portfolio of autonomous forklifts, tugger trains and mobile platform cobots with our Robot Autonomy Skills. With the help of our software, 4am can set up new applications in a matter of hours instead of days, while reducing the complexity of its extensive portfolio.

In the summer of 2022, we were able to win TUGBOT as a customer. TUGBOT develops a unique AMR type that can pull any kind of cart which can be used in various applications from intralogistics, manufacturing to hospitality. It thereby enriched our portfolio of supported mobile robot platforms applicable to any kinds of transport tasks.

Bottobo Robotics, a Turkish based start-up, provides collaborative AMRs that work seamlessly with human workers. Their first product, Pixer, a Person-2-Good/Piece-Picking AMR, helps organizations boost warehouse picking operations and increase productivity by up to 4x. Bottobo uses our NODE.OS software suite to easily operate their collaborative fleets in dynamic warehouse environments.

Since 2023, NODE Robotics and Ceterio have collaborated to enhance healthcare automation with the integration of NODE.OS software into Ceterio's AMRs, optimizing medication and supply delivery in hospitals. Leveraging advanced navigation technology, these robots navigate complex hospital environments efficiently, reducing human error and increasing safety. The partnership underscores a commitment to transforming healthcare logistics through innovative, precise, and adaptable robotic solutions.

Founding Team

Co-Founder Stefan Dörr

Dr. Stefan Dörr

CEO & Co-Founder
Managing Director



Co-Founder Lukas Teichmann

Lukas Teichmann

COO/CFO & Co-Founder
Managing Director


Co-Founder Jannik Abbenseth

Jannik Abbenseth

CTO & Co-Founder


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