NODE.localize is our powerful and easy-to-use robot skill for localization and mapping.

With our Live SLAM technology, you can easily create maps of even large scale and complex industrial environments. Once in operation, the Live SLAM does not only provide a precise and robust localization but also keeps track of changes in the environment and continuously updates the map. This unlocks the usage of SLAM technology even in harsh dynamic environments.

NODE.localize bases on 2D Lidar data but is designed to fuse any additional sensor information available (like odometry, IMU, 3D Lidar, camera data and more).

Advantages of NODE.localize

USP #1

Easy and fast mapping of large-scale environments without time-consuming manual post-processing steps.

USP #2

Long-term stability and robustness even in challenging dynamic environments due to built-in continuous map update functionality.

USP #3

No hardware modifications needed – No need for adding additional hardware or custom sensors.

Reference projects