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Why NODE? Streamlined Mobile Robot Operations

Author: Ali Rahmati

Our standard for streamlined mobile robot operations

Integrators and end users are well aware of the challenges associated with operating mobile robots in warehouse and production environments.

At NODE, we provide comprehensive software modules to address these challenges. Our various software solutions have already been adopted by more than 500 AMRs, demonstrating our proven track record of success.

Our software modules are not a black-box solution. Instead, we offer robot manufacturers the flexibility to develop their solutions using our software platform and combine them with other components. This approach promotes the compatibility and flexibility of our offerings.

Furthermore, our Live SLAM localization #technology ensures highly reliable performance of mobile robot fleets, even in challenging environments. We provide a plug-and-play installation with fast and straightforward setup, reducing commissioning times and enabling end users to easily adjust and modify the setups on their own.

With NODE.OS, you can overcome the challenges of operating mobile robots. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make your mobile fleets easy to use.

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