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What is Live SLAM?

Imagine you run a large warehouse where a multitude of items are stored in constantly changing environments. You rely on a fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to transport goods around the facility, but you're experiencing frequent breakdowns and errors due to the robots' inability to adapt to changes in the environment. That's where our Live SLAM technology comes in.

NODE's Live SLAM Approach

By implementing Live SLAM, your AMRs are able to generate and update maps of their environment in real-time. This means they can adapt to changing conditions, such as moving objects or new obstacles, without manual intervention. This allows for a more reliable and robust system, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

With the help of NODE you can implement Live SLAM technology into your existing fleet of AMRs without any hardware upgrades. This will allow your robots to operate in a wider range of environments, with greater flexibility and efficiency.

The Live SLAM technology provided by NODE will enable your robots to cope with changes in the environment and update their maps, increasing the accuracy of localization and reducing the need for manual remapping cycles.

By implementing Live SLAM technology, you can significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of your autonomous mobile robot fleet. Your robots will be able to adapt to changes in the environment, operate in a wider range of environments, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs. This will ultimately lead to a more streamlined and effective warehouse operation.


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