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Three quick questions for CFO & COO Lukas Teichmann

What makes NODE Robotics a company for you?

For me, NODE combines three decisive aspects to be successful on the market: First – We can draw on a technically excellent product innovation from the Fraunhofer IPA, which we will continuously improve and expand. Secondly, we have built up a team in a very short time with great expertise in their respective fields and thirdly, we bring a broad industry and expert network with us. 

NODE Robotics is up and running.
What advice would you give to other founders?  

Find a team that you feel comfortable with and that complements each other. Talk to as many different people as possible and cultivate your contacts – a good network is essential. No amount of research or coaching can predict the challenges you will face. But your network can help you find appropriate solutions.

What do you wish for NODE Robotics?

I am deeply convinced that in the long-term people perform best when they can work in their comfort zone most of the time, but are also challenged to leave their comfort zone from time to time. Therefore, I wish that I can offer all NODE employees the best possible working and improvement conditions so that they can enjoy their work and give their best. 
If I can do that, NODE will be a success. 

Lukas Card