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NODE Robotics creates advisory council and appoints Helmut Schmid as first Advisor

NODE Robotics establishes strategic advisory council 

Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg. NODE Robotics' leadership team recognizes the importance of attracting the brightest minds and most accomplished leaders in the industry to innovate the mobile robotics software market. To ensure a constant influx of visionary leadership, NODE has formed a new advisory board comprised of respected robotics experts and entrepreneurs. This esteemed advisory board will provide its strategic guidance in all key functional areas, from technology development to product launches, providing an invaluable external perspective as the company rapidly expands its solutions around NODE.OS.

Helmut Schmid has been appointed as the first member of the newly formed advisory council

NODE Robotics leadership is pleased to announce that Helmut Schmid, a renowned robotics executive and investor, has been appointed as the first member of the newly formed Advisory Council. He brings decades of invaluable industry experience and strategic vision that will expertly guide NODE as it continues to scale its pioneering mobile robotics software solutions.

An impressive career in robotics innovation  

Helmut Schmid's illustrious career has been defined by the advancement of robotics innovation and entrepreneurial leadership. As the founder of Universal Robots (Germany) GmbH, a subsidiary of the pioneering Danish company, he built the company into the market leader for lightweight robots in Western and Northern Europe in just 5 years.

Mr. Schmid’s expertise has also been in demand from other well-known robotics companies. Helmut Schmid was Managing Director of Franka Emika and CEO of Agilox and led important reorganization and international growth initiatives. He continues to offer his strategic advice in the form of advisory roles at several other innovative companies.

Steadfast advocate of the robotics ecosystem  

In addition to his leadership roles within the company, Mr. Schmid is a steadfast advocate for the advancement of the robotics industry as a whole. He is co-founder of the German Robotics Association (Deutscher Robotik Verband e.V.) as well as the co-host of the podcast “Robotik in der Industrie” (Robotics in Industry). His passion for promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration within the ecosystem is paramount.

Visionary outlook on mobile robotics    

When questioned about the future prospects of the mobile robotics market, Helmut Schmid identifies accelerated growth and a growing number of indoor and outdoor applications as his primary focus. 
“The mobile robotics market will continue to expand rapidly into different segments and industries. I believe that logistics will be fully autonomously within 5 years, and we will see mobile robotics solutions increasingly used in agriculture, security, construction and the service sector as well.”

Strategic resource for NODE Robotics

Helmut Schmid’s extensive expertise in business development, change management, sales, and marketing will be a tremendous asset as NODE continues to bring its innovative mobile robotics software solutions to market.
“With his extensive experience from different executive roles at various robotics companies and his ability to conceptualize and execute go-to-market strategies, Helmut is an ideal strategic advisor for NODE as we realize our internationalization and growth path,” says Stefan Dörr, CEO of NODE Robotics.
“NODE.OS can enable new and existing market players to accelerate the commercialization of novel robotics solutions by using NODE's state-of-the-art navigation technology as a foundation. This allows companies to focus on their core competences in terms of applications and hardware,” says Helmut Schmid.
The entire NODE Robotics team is pleased to welcome Helmut Schmid to the NODE Advisory Board and look forward to leveraging his unrivalled strategic vision as we drive the future of mobile robot autonomy. 
Disclaimer: Helmut Schmid is part of the ROBOTICS VENTURES team, through which he invested in NODE Robotics.

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