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NODE Robotics and Ceterio announce partnership

Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg. The companies NODE Robotics and Ceterio officially announce their strategic partnership to advance the next generation of autonomous mobile robots (AMR). At the center of this groundbreaking collaboration are Ceterio's C-350 and F1200 supported by innovative NODE.OS software.

Ceterio, a Finnish startup, specializes in healthcare automation solutions that harness cutting-edge robotics technology. Ceterio's medical delivery robots ensure accurate and timely transportation of medications and supplies, reducing human error and saving valuable time for healthcare professionals.

"Automating logistics within hospitals represents a highly promising application for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and Ceterio stands at the forefront with their cutting-edge product offerings. We are excited to partner up with Ceterio and bring our software platform NODE.OS to hospitals.", says Stefan Dörr, CEO of NODE Robotics.

This collaboration aims to enable autonomous transportation in hospitals and the hospitality industry. Ceterio has partnered with NODE Robotics to address the critical aspects of localization, navigation and fleet management, especially in challenging environments such as hospitals to ensure its mobile robots' reliable and efficient operation.

Due to the long narrow hallways and obstacles blocking paths, hospitals present certain challenges in terms of mobile robot localization and navigation. Mobile robots must adapt to the given circumstances to ensure high efficiency and have the ability to avoid obstacles in areas where this is possible and allowed. With NODE's advanced navigation solution, navigating around objects becomes safer and more efficient. By incorporating safety zones into the dynamic path planning process, mobile robots can confidently navigate around objects without the risk of collisions or deadlocks. Dynamic motion planning optimizes routes and avoids collisions by calculating real-time trajectories based on the latest map and user-defined traffic zones using NODE's online route planner with data from the global live map server for localization.

During the integration phase within the hospital environment, we effectively tackled another major challenge: steep ramps. Typically, steep ramps can lead to localization issues. Nevertheless, by utilizing the existing 2D safety lidars on the mobile robots, we successfully overcame this challenge, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure.

This partnership between NODE Robotics and Ceterio promises pioneering developments in the field of autonomous mobile robots and the optimization of numerous application fields in Hospital and hospitality.


About Ceterio
Ceterio, a Finnish-based Start-up, provides collaborative AMRs. Founded in 2022, they aim to help streamline operations, improve safety, and reduce costs. They specialize in AMRs designed to work autonomously, allowing staff in hospitals and hospitality to focus on other tasks while the robots take care of routine tasks.

About NODE Robotics
NODE offers state-of-the-art plug & play software solutions for autonomous intralogistics. The focus is on driverless transport vehicles and mobile robots, which are turned into multi-vendor, autonomous and collaborative fleets using their software solutions. In doing so, NODE creates the basis for the widespread use of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in production and intralogistics.


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