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NODE Robotics and Bottobo announce partnership

Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg. NODE Robotics and Bottobo Robotics are officially announcing their strategic partnership. The two companies started their cooperation in 2022 sharing the same vision to bringing mobile robots into the warehouses in a plug-and-play manner, without any modification to the environment.


Quick AMR implementation in warehouses 

Bottobo Robotics, a Turkish-based provider of collaborative AMR solutions, aims to transform and democratize the autonomous mobile robot landscape. Their first product, Pixer, a Person 2 Good Piece Picking AMR, helps organizations boost warehouse picking operations and increase productivity by up to 4x. 

To overcome the challenges of complex warehouse environments for mobile robot operations, such as highly dynamic environments, big scale layouts and limited time to implement the solutions, Bottobo decided to cooperate with NODE Robotics, a German based startup, which is providing different state-of-the-art software modules such as localization, navigation, and fleet management services for all type of AMRs. 

“Thanks to the Navigation Software of NODE Robotics, we can now quickly deploy and implement our AMR solutions” – Turgut Uluturk.
“I’d like to extend my thanks to the NODE Robotics team for their professionalism and hard work.” says the CEO and Co-founder of Bottobo Robotics, Turgut Uluturk. He further emphasizes the ease of use of the NODE navigation software: “Thanks to the Navigation Software of NODE Robotics, we can now quickly deploy and implement our AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) solutions. 

He also points out the Live SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) solution of NODE Robotics and their Fleet Management services which enable their robots to localize reliably even in complex and dynamic warehouse environment and navigate autonomously in a large fleet.


Software and hardware work seamlessly together  

Stefan Dörr the CEO of NODE Robotics was impressed by the intralogistics process knowledge of the Bottobo team and how they integrated different technologies on the hardware, sensor, and software sides to provide a reliable and scalable Robotics-as-a-Service (RAAS) model for their end users. „I see enormous potential in this cooperation as it perfectly aligns with our vision of making mobile robots easy to use. The vast expertise of Bottobo in intralogistics processes coupled with our plug & play software solutions is a perfect match to enhance the full potential of AMRs in warehouses.” 

Bottobo Robotics has already successfully integrated more than 50 AMRs at five locations using the NODE Software. Based on this successful cooperation, the two companies are aiming to further expand their partnerships to jointly shape the intralogistics of the future. 


About Bottobo Robotics 
Bottobo Robotics, a Turkish based Start-up, provides collaborative AMRs. Founded in 2019, their aim is to revolutionize and democratize the autonomous mobile robot industry by offering AMRs that work seamlessly with human workers. They specialize in analyzing supply chains and operations to integrate an optimal operating model for their customers.  

About NODE Robotics 
Flexibility and autonomy are core requirements for the factory of the future. In the field of intralogistics, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are the key to meeting these. However, the current patchwork of incompatible and inadequate software solutions for AMRs on the market prevents the spread of this key technology and puts fleet operators further into vendor lock in situations. 
NODE.OS, an end-to-end software solution for operating multi-vendor and heterogeneous AMR fleets with high autonomy and minimal commissioning efforts, can be seamlessly integrated into every production plant.


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