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Florian Reiners joins NODE Robotics as an Angel Investor

NODE Robotics secures strategic angel investment from robotics industry insider Florian Reiners

Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg. In a notable move to accelerate growth and innovation in mobile robotics, NODE Robotics has received an angel investment from Florian Reiners, a recognized leader in the robotics sector. With over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and startup founder, particularly in charging infrastructure for mobile robots, Mr. Reiners brings a valuable perspective and profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the technology industry to NODE Robotics.  

In his current job as Managing Director of Tesla Engineering Germany and co-founder of Wiferion, one of the global leaders in wireless charging for industry, Reiners has dedicated his career to advancing sustainable energy and developing innovative technologies. His commitment to promoting mobile robotics and electric vehicles and his contribution to the development of high-performance electronics for renewable energy systems have made him a valued member of the global tech community.  

Florian Reiners: Pioneer in the field of wireless charging – especially for mobile robots 

Mr. Reiners, who has joined NODE Robotics as an angel investor, has dedicated his career to the advancement of renewable energy and electrical engineering. His work as Managing Director at Tesla Engineering Germany emphasizes his commitment to accelerating the global transition to sustainable energy. In this role, he leads the development of products for energy supply, including PV inverters, battery storage systems and supercharger infrastructure. His commitment to innovation is evidenced by the founding of Wiferion GmbH, where he revolutionized wireless charging for the industry and made the company a global market leader. Reiners' ability to drive visionary technologies and implement sustainable solutions will be invaluable at NODE Robotics.  

Vision for mobile robotics and the investment in NODE Robotics

Speaking about his investment in NODE Robotics, Florian Reiners is optimistic about the future of mobile robotics and outlines a clear vision for the industry over the next five years. He predicts significant growth through economies of scale and cost reductions, which will drive utilization in more cost-sensitive applications and expansion into new industries. Mr. Reiners particularly emphasizes the importance of plug-and-play integration and standardization, which will enable easy integration of hardware and software from different suppliers and reduce the cost and complexity of implementing mobile robotics solutions. He also sees a trend towards larger fleets, driven by interoperability across vendors and lower entry costs, with fleets potentially growing to several hundred robots per site. He cites positive market feedback from Wiferion customers and the belief that the future of mobile robotics fleets lies in hardware and software interoperability as driving factors. At Wiferion, he has learned that end customers want easy integration and operation of robots from different manufacturers. These insights are central to his decision to invest in a company that is at the forefront of developing software that makes mobile robot installation easy and fast. 

Florian Reiners on his angel investment in NODE Robotics: “My former company Wiferion and NODE Robotics share the same customer type: Mobile Robot OEMs. I was able to identify common customers and asked them about the software solutions of NODE Robotics. The positive feedback I received, paired with the belief that the mobile robot market will continue to grow strongly, made the decision really easy.” 

Lukas Teichmann on Florian Reiners’s investment in NODE Robotics

Lukas Teichmann, CFO and Co-Founder of NODE Robotics, emphasizes the importance of Florian Reiners' angel investment: “The partnership with such an experienced and well-connected founder as Florian Reiners is a decisive step for our company. His extensive expertise in bringing a deep tech company, sharing the same customer base as NODE Robotics, from its first steps to selling it to Tesla is something we can benefit from a lot. His profound understanding of the challenges of the industry enriches our strategic direction. With Florian at our side, we are ideally positioned to strengthen our innovative power and establish NODE Robotics as a leading player in the mobile robotics industry.”

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