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Partnership agreement between NODE Robotics and Melkus Mechatronic

Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg. NODE Robotics is pleased to announce a new partnership with Melkus Mechatronic, a hidden champion for mobile robotics solutions based in Austria.

The collaboration between NODE and Melkus aims to combine the cutting-edge technologies of both companies to develop a highly reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use autonomous mobile pallet mover AMR that can effortlessly navigate even the most dynamic and challenging environments.

Stefan Dörr, CEO at NODE Robotics, said:
“With the G130 2.0, Melkus addresses one of the most promising mobile robot use cases at the moment in terms of floor to floor pallet transports. Our collaboration will add a highly performant AMR solution to the market based on Melkus’ strong experience in the hardware and mechatronics domain combined with our NODE.OS software platform.”

The Melkus G130 2.0, with its compact design, is a highly efficient automated guided vehicle that supports up to 1,200kg material transport payloads. It features precise SLAM Lidar navigation and omnidirectional movement for superior maneuverability in tight spaces. Equipped with high-performance batteries for over 4 hours of operation and quick recharge times, the G130 2.0 enhances productivity and flexibility in modern logistics environments.

One of the main reasons for Melkus' collaboration with NODE is the safety-relevant dynamic navigation and obstacle avoidance function embedded in NODE's navigation solution. Linking the path planners to the safety level allows the Melkus G130 2.0 to fully utilize the capabilities of its innovative “multi-differential link”. With the activation of safety field-optimized paths and movement commands, the G130 2.0 can seamlessly maneuver around obstacles and dynamically navigate in tight and complex production and warehouse environments.

Patryk Hoffman, CEO of Melkus Mechatronic, commented:
“The advanced free navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities of NODE.OS were fundamental elements in our decision to collaborate with NODE. These capabilities empower our G.130 2.0 to operate reliably within highly dynamic and complex warehouse environments. Moreover, the modularity of NODE.OS allows us to seamlessly integrate our in-house developed features with the navigation skills and fleet management services offered by NODE.OS. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations and extend our gratitude for the milestones we have achieved together thus far.”

The integration process included the incorporation of custom actions such as docking and business logic tailored for pallet use cases, such as designing pallet lines. In addition, with the integration of NODE.execute, the Melkus G130 2.0 AMR is now VDA5050 compatible.
Although the partnership has only just been announced, the NODE.OS integration process has already been underway for a few months and numerous planned projects are already underway. Both companies are currently working closely with selected partners to initiate the first projects and expand the implementation of the reliable, flexible, and user-friendly Floor2Floor AMR solution.

In the coming months, further details about the partnership and its projects will be communicated.


About Melkus Mechatronic
Melkus Mechatronic delivers premier automated guided vehicle solutions, emphasizing unmatched precision and operational efficiency. Designed for 24/7 operation with a superior battery management system, our AGVs are compact, customizable, and cater to a broad spectrum of load carriers. Melkus ensures minimal space usage, rapid delivery, and reliable, continuous performance, positioning us as a trusted partner in optimizing logistics and manufacturing processes.
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