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Transforming Robotics Operations with NODE.move: The Future of Autonomous Navigation

The Evolution of Robotics and the Rise of Autonomous Navigation 

In the rapidly evolving world of robotics, autonomous navigation has emerged as a critical component, driving countless innovations and transforming the way robots operate in complex environments. Today, we're excited to introduce NODE.move, a revolutionary product that equips robots with advanced autonomous navigation skills. This game-changing technology offers A-to-B navigation, relative positioning, and docking capabilities, all while ensuring optimal safety and efficiency. And all it takes is a software update. 

Empowering Robots with Advanced Autonomous Navigation Skills 

Live SLAM, the cutting-edge technology at the heart of NODE.localize, has been developed to redefine the capabilities of robotics. It enables quick and straightforward creation of detailed maps for large, complex industrial environments—a task that was previously time-consuming and labor-intensive.

However, the capabilities of Live SLAM extend beyond initial mapping. Once the system is operational, it provides more than just reliable localization. Live SLAM continuously monitors changes in the environment, updating the map in real-time to reflect these changes. This dynamic adaptability is a game-changer for industries where conditions can fluctuate rapidly, offering a level of flexibility that has been sorely missing in the field.

While NODE.localize is expertly designed to handle 2D Lidar data, it is not limited to this single data source. NODE.localize is an advanced tool that can fuse a variety of additional sensor information, including odometry, IMU, 3D Lidar, camera data, and more. This fusion of data creates a comprehensive, accurate understanding of the environment, enabling robots to navigate with unparalleled precision and efficiency. This multi-sensor integration sets NODE.localize apart in robotics space, promising a more advanced and nuanced approach to localization and mapping.

Revolutionizing the World of Robotics with NODE.localize: Key Advantages

NODE.move is not just a product; it's a comprehensive skill set that transforms your robot into a dynamic navigator capable of real-time decision-making. It includes route and path planners that compute optimal paths and motion commands for the robot, considering kinematic constraints and real-time environmental information in both 2D and 3D. 

This advanced functionality enables your robot to navigate safely and dynamically through complex environments, while also allowing for precise positioning, whether load handovers or other tasks. With NODE.move, your robot can autonomously compute the global route to any goal pose, with the option to set waypoints along the way. 

The Advantages of NODE.move: Enhancing Robot Navigation 

NODE.move empowers your robot with robust A-to-B navigation capabilities, enabling it to navigate from one point to another with unprecedented precision and efficiency. It revolutionizes the field of robotics by providing reliable and scalable autonomous navigation solutions. By equipping robots with NODE.move, you can transform their operations in various sectors, including manufacturing and logistics.

Transforming Manufacturing and Logistics with NODE.move 

In the manufacturing sector, NODE.move significantly enhances productivity and efficiency. By automating tasks such as material handling, assembly, inspection, and maintenance, manufacturers can reduce labor costs and improve production and warehouse operations' quality. 

In logistics, NODE.move revolutionizes warehouse operations. With its A-to-B navigation capability, robots can autonomously navigate complex warehouse environments, ensuring accurate picking and placing of items. This speeds up order fulfillment, reduces errors, and increases overall operational efficiency. 

Exploring NODE.move: A Closer Look at its Features and Benefits

Scalability and Flexibility

NODE.move is not just a product; it's a scalable autonomous navigation solution. Whether you're operating a single robot or a fleet of robots, NODE.move can be easily scaled to meet your needs. This scalability makes NODE.move a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. 

Enhancing Efficiency with Precise Positioning and Docking 

In addition to its navigation capabilities, NODE.move offers precise positioning and docking features. This is particularly useful in applications such as material handling, where precision is critical. With NODE.move, your robot can accurately position itself for load handovers or other tasks, ensuring a more holistic process automation.

Safety-Aware Dynamic Navigation with NODE.move 

Safety is at the heart of NODE.move. Our path planners connect to the safety layer, enabling safety-field optimal paths and motion commands. This safety-aware dynamic navigation ensures that your robot can navigate complex environments without compromising safety. Therefore, no additional safety certification is required.

Configurable Robot Navigation Behavior with NODE.move 

NODE.move offers a high degree of configurability, allowing you to parameterize the desired navigation behavior and level of autonomy. This flexibility means you can tailor your robot's navigation capabilities to suit specific needs, whether in a warehouse, factory, or any other environment. For example, you can choose to operate your robot in an "AGV-mode," using virtual line guidance while allowing for active obstacle avoidance in certain areas.

Robustness / Industrially Proven 

The robustness of NODE software has been proven in the toughest industrial environments. A real highlight are several hundreds of autonomous transport vehicles in seven BMW plants, successfully operating with our navigation software. This proof of our reliability gives you the confidence that with NODE.move you are investing in a solution that delivers real value and meets the tough demands of industries such as manufacturing and warehousing.


NODE.move revolutionizes the world of robotics with advanced, adjustable, and safe autonomous navigation skills. It empowers robots with A-to-B navigation, precise positioning, docking capabilities, safety-aware dynamic navigation, and configurable behavior. With NODE.move, you can enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety in manufacturing and logistics. Experience the future of autonomous navigation today and unlock the full potential of robotics. 


Don't wait for the future of robotics to come to you. Experience the future of autonomous navigation today with NODE.move. Transform your robot into a dynamic navigator and unlock the full potential of robotics. 

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