Three quick questions for CSO Kai Pfeiffer

You have been active in the robotics industry for a long time and therefore bring a high level of experience to the team. What motivated you to start "very small" again as a founder?

In nearly 20 years of applied research in robotics, the goal has always been to bring new technologies into use.
NODE.OS is the first technology where maturity, market demand and the “right” time match perfectly. It is fun to see how successfully the technology is being used. That’s what I want to continue to do, and that’s only possible with NODE.

How do you define the basis for the success of a start-up?

The key is a highly motivated, well-balanced team combined with a strong MVP (Minimum Viable Product) adapted to the market and a forward-looking development roadmap.

What makes NODE Robotics and its associated products so unique in your eyes? 

We had the right idea at the right time and the right team to boot.
The mixture of experience with hard industrial use through projects
in automotive production combined with our will to innovate and
our scientific background makes the NODE Robotics team an efficient
and dynamic partner. Similarly, our navigation solution works just as
efficiently in dynamic environments.