Autonomous intralogistics for the factory of the future

Enabling autonomous intralogistics

NODE offers plug&play software solutions for autonomous intralogistics. The focus is on driverless transport vehicles and mobile robotswhich are turned into multi-vendorautonomous and collaborative fleets by our software solutionsIn doing so NODE provides the basis for the widespread use of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in production and intralogistics. 
AMRs are already in productive use with NODE software.
KM driven so far, continuously increasing.
different AMR types already in operation.
A holistic software solution - operational for all your applications and AMR.
With NODE.OS, NODE offers a holistic software solution – from order management to AMR control – versatile in use according to the requirements of your applications:

Our vision

is to enable any type of mobile robot to be universally deployed on any factory floor as an autonomous means of transport.

Our mission

is to provide a software solution through targeted research, development and quality focus that enables any company to bring its intralogistics into the age of Industry 4.0 through fast commissioning and intuitive usability.

Proven availability under industrial conditions

of more than 99.5%

Reduction of commissioning and maintenance efforts

by up to 80%

Modular system:

Choice of more than 10 software modules that can be used independently of each other

Hardware and sensor

More than 25 different AMR types successfully commissioned with NODE software

Previous cooperations


BMW Group

Since 2017, Fraunhofer IPA has been supporting the BMW Group in the largest automation project in the company’s history with a navigation solution for its AMR, the Smart Transport Robot. This fruitful collaboration has resulted in spin-offs from both companies – IDEALworks GmbH, which also offers the AMR outside the automotive giant, and NODE Robotics GmbH, which commercializes Fraunhofer’s navigation solution with NODE.EDGE. As of today, several dozen AMR with the NODE.EDGE solution are in productive operation in various BMW plants – several hundred with great scaling potential will follow in the next few years. In close cooperation with the BMW Group and other project partners, NODE.EDGE has been optimally adapted to the requirements in automotive production and the deployment on the AMR. Configuration and commissioning of new AMRs is straightforward thanks to the plug&play capabilities of NODE.EDGE. The NODE Robotics support team is available with extremely short response times thanks to remote access.
Audi AG: Fertigung des Audi R8 im Werk Böllinger Höfe in Heilbronn am 30.9.2014
Audi & Bär Automation Pilot
The technological forerunner of the software solution for autonomous navigation was already successfully deployed in automotive production with the company Bär Automation in 2015. Since then, 23 vehicles of Bär Automation have been running in single-shift operation in the final assembly of passenger cars with an availability that is customary in the industry. Since then, the NODE.EDGE has been continuously developed technologically while maintaining the availability requirements.
Japanese automotive supplier DENSO relies on Cloud Robotics for the management of multi-vendor fleets. The team of NODE Robotics and Fraunhofer IPA is working closely with DENSO to develop the optimal combination of NODE.SRVS.

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